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Behind the Scenes Fashion Catalog Video

September 6th, 2011

I recently shot for Nina Canacci.  They are a high end couture  prom gown designer.  It was a three day shoot at 10 hours each day.  We shot over 200 gowns with three models.  I have never talked about stamina because it’s just something that a photographer must have and I assume all photographers have enough stamina to shoot for a long period of time.  However the other day I was talking shop with a colleague of mine and he mentioned a friend of ours that would never be able to last 10 hours, never mind three days in a row.  Now that is not a good thing.  I mean let’s face it, any catalog shoot or advertising shoot is going to be a long day.  There are exceptions of course but the majority of jobs are 8-10 hours.

In this video you can see how hard I work and I think most photographers do work hard.  You can see my intensity.  I have a game face and I make sure that game face is on from the moment I step on set to the wrap of the shoot.  Photographers must have mental, emotional and physical stamina to execute a successful shoot.  We are the leader.  Everyone on that set looks up to us.  If we show any sign of weakness or uncertainty, then we have just lost our shoot.  The good news is we can get it back.  Grab the bull and come out like a lion in the second half and I guarantee that you will get your set back.

For this shoot I walked on the set and the first thing I saw was racks and racks of gowns.  Instead of letting that intimidate me, I remembered why I am in this business, and that is because I love women’s clothing and I love to capture the beauty and style of fashion.    So I greeted everyone with a big smile and looked over the gowns and got to work on lighting the set.  This was an easy set up.  One 6 foot silver lined umbrella to create a soft shadow on the BG and two strobes to light my white BG.   Some of the gowns were very light and were made to flow with the wind of a dancer.  It is a models job to put on a dress or outfit and know what to do with it.  It is the photographers job to know what the fabric is capable of and make sure the model is “working” the gown or outfit.   In the video you will see examples of this.

So sit back and enjoy the video.  I hope you have many questions that I will be happy to answer.

Nina Canacci Prom Dress Shoot By Jason Christopher Photography from Jason Christopher on Vimeo.

This is a behind the scenes video of a catalogue shoot I did for Nina Canacci couture prom gowns. We shot 250 gowns in three 10 hour days.

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5 Responses to “Behind the Scenes Fashion Catalog Video”

  1. Shirley Lund Says:

    Yes, it is hard work. Your ability to stay focused ( a little photography humor) and get the job done is why your images are so stunning!


  2. Sandy Tambone Says:

    Great production! I appreciate the coordination and stamina necessary to pull it off. Can’t wait to see the final catalogue. It is evident in the video the control you have of the shoot and the respect you get from the participants. It is the formula to please the client.
    Some technical details would be nice. Thanks for sharing I enjoy your site and blog.


    Jason Christopher Reply:

    Thank you very much Sandy ! Yes I always keep control of my set. I am very respectful of everyone and also very firm.


  3. Vishal Says:

    Hi Sir, I am from Pune (India) & i just love your photos. i want to b a great photographer like you. Recently i completed my Photography Course from Fergussion College (Pune) but i don’t have any idea what to do, to be a model photographer, i know you are so busy in ur work though if possible please guide me, reply me on my mail ID. Thank you


    Jason Christopher Reply:

    Thank you Vishal.
    My advice is to shoot what you really love. Also experiment with different kinds of photography you are interested in. It will take a couple years to find what you really love.


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